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Tiandi Hui 天地會 The Hong-league

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Title:      Tiandi Hui 天地會 The Hong-league
Categories:      Freemasonry
BookID:      23
Authors:      Gustaaf Schlegel
ISBN-10(13):      9781944175207
Publisher:      Eric Serejski (Ed.)
Publication date:      2016
Edition:      New
Number of pages:      408
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Language:      English
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This work, along with Stanton’s Triad Society and Essays on the Tiandi Hui or Triad Society, is published in the effort to provide material in the cross-cultural study of initiatory processes, particularly those related to Freemasonry. To those, one should also consult W. P. Morgan, Triad Societies in Hong Kong (1960), B. J. Ter Harr, Ritual and Mythology of the Chinese Triads (2000) and J. S. M. Ward and W. G. Stirling, The Hung Society or the Society of Heaven and Earth (3 volumes, 1925–1926). To those, one may include Hanegaaff’s Textbooks Introductions to Western Esotericism (2012) and the various works of René Guénon on esotericism in general, freemasonry, and the concept of Triad in particular. Those studies constitute the foundation to promote novel investigations in the field of study of Freemasonry. In this case, the enquiry is based on two esoteric societies that emerged approximatively at the same time and, within a similar societal (industrial and pre-industrial phase) evolution, the Freemasonic organization in the West and the Tiandihui in China. Such approach would parallel the call for broader themes issued by A. Prescott in his Study of Freemasonry as a new academic discipline (2003). In terms of studying rituals as functions rather than forms, the works of A. Van Gennep, Rites of passage (1909), and V. Turner, notably The forest of symbols (1967), provide a solid foundation.
Two articles have been included in the appendices, on language and on palindromes. These are preludes to further investigate the structure of Chinese language used as ciphers.
Schlegel's work contains no less than 750 Chinese characters or expressions that have been cross-checked and transliterated into pinyin and 30 illustrations that have been completely redone. All illustrations have been enhanced.

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