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Essays on the Yijing

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Title:      Essays on the Yijing
Categories:      Yijing
BookID:      17
Authors:      C. de Harlez
ISBN-10(13):      9781944175085
Publisher:      Eric Serejski (Ed.)
Publication date:      2016
Edition:      New
Number of pages:      341
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Language:      English
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Charles de Harlez was a scholar and sinologist in the 19th century. His works includes more than 70 books and over 150 articles. We present here a series of eleven articles, translated into English for the first time, covering his thougths on the Yijing. The essays provide material on the origin, nature and interpretation of the text. Essay Nine further provides what Mr. de Harlez calls a 'restored' text and commentary. Essays Ten and Eleven are of significant value in that it is one of the rare approach using Manchu text. We also find a study of the Yijing in the context of the 7th century B.C. and within the context of the Lunyu.
The translation includes the update of 307 transliterated Chinese terms into modern pinyin.

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